Shadow governments, dark cabals nwo satanists and downright organized empowered evils do not want to give up their reigns of power even when it would benefit them to just get out of the way of a free and sovereign humanity. Forces of good in our world have even tried giving these evils the option to just get off of collective humanity and allow prosperity to enrich everyone including the dark forces, but evil will have absolutely no part in humanity becoming empowered, free and sovereign as their true gold is collectivist domination and destruction.

One of the best ways to counter the continuity of corruption is to regularly keep the subject of corruption in the front line news reports and how it constantly moves against the peoples’ populist movements worldwide which are rejecting collectivist globalism. When fake news and individual enemies of the people of the planet push for marshal law, we reject it. When those forces push for shutting down effective clean energy such as coal, we reject them. Whatever it is these forces want you can rest assured that it is only more attempts in their agenda to undermine humanity in some form or fashion, and we absolutely cannot allow them to have ANYTHING they want even if it slows down or harms humanity as the self inflicted harm would be substantially less than what is in store for us all. Rejecting the overall satanic agenda can be easy to do, just watch for what fake dried-up stream media and the enemies of humanity want to have and to do and there’s the front lines that every American and citizen of humanity can expose, reject and resist.