The Resurrection of a HIDDEN Evil Commencing!


Technocracy Rising’s Patrick Wood Delivers Big News!

 Written by Dustin Bond

As sure as the day is long, the sun shines and spring water is wet, hidden evils exist and will persist to slightly paraphrase late president Eisenhower. As all of it was hidden, as their ENTIRE FORMULA requires un noticed and/or unstoppable stealth incremental advancement, they can best succeed when their actions AND themselves are not studied, focused upon payed attention to etc. Much has been constructed against the benefits of the average common man, woman and all forms of life up to and including the planet itself.  There has been resistance all around the movements, steps taken and secret endeavors of the evils that work against Life itself and as such many walks of life are more and more consistently finding themselves banding together into MASSIVE X-WING FIGHTERS that we the “people” alternative media we are proves is much larger and more influential than all “death star squad” dried up stream media outlets.

But films are films and reality is reality, I’ll be the first in line to say and to tell others that yes the evil “or maybe even a Spectre”  totally includes moving on the front of films to indoctrinate and pacify but the thing is that they cannot withstand the force of popular criticism of them themselves “pizzagate” without resorting to violating Natural Law which they know will put them at a “strategic” disadvantage.  And from the environment of repercussion for actions of evil can the resistance stand to shine and deliver to light many dark dark agendas both currently at play and to come.

Let’s just delve right into some content material with the assault video below:


Special thanks for article inspiration to Lisa Haven and Patrick Wood