White lies, fibs lying untruths deceptions anything less than authenticity are all energetic breeding grounds for the parasitical to wreak havoc!


Being less than honest and truthful is a trait the human condition can become quite comfortable with as probably most wouldn’t even consider anything of anything about it, it doesn’t exactly stand out as readily or easily noticeable. In all actuality it’s for the most part dark sorcery, but hang on let’s slow down a little as this is no witch hunt and let’s face it….we’ve all lied before and calling each other and ourselves dark sorcerers is both an unfair and incorrect approach. It is one thing to swallow “choke down” the food you don’t like and tell your hosts that you enjoyed it and making lying and deceit normal everyday practice.

In our world we deal with the paranormal every single day whether we know it or not, acknowledge it or not, that is entirely the case. If you look at the movies both having Jim Carrey: Liar Liar and Yes Man it’s more than obvious that a good thing when over the top is a very not good thing. Every guy knows when a woman springs the trick question trip traps like: Does this make me look….TIME OUT! Stop, proceed no further nothing good can come from it. So that is the pretty harmless and shallow end of the general area of deception we deal with, but the food wasn’t good and you don’t want to eat it again. Yes that “fill in the blank” makes you less attractive please don’t dawn it, seemingly small deceptions but can offset or even ruin your day, weeks or even months or years depending on things like ugly haircuts, tattoos etc. Being honest can be less than desirable at the moment but can pay off long term.


Now for the witch hunt!

Deception is an inauthentic vibration that does not vibe with our hearts as it is a rejected frequency that can even be sensed by the most trained of “arts” to the least as our heart frequencies are our general and overall operating system. Truth be told…the heart knows all. So a person in a relationship can spend an hour and a half at the “store” or “working overtime”….but the other person being told this has a super advanced operating system that knows better if it is not true. Even if the mind which gets it’s instructions from the heart has no idea, since the heart does, the mind will receive the proper instruction of action, lack thereof and a myriad of situations that could play out in dealing with deception. You could lie to your boss and say that you’re sick but you might find undesirable outcomes further down the road. This is deception working against you, and all the while deception is constructing parasitical environments and breeding grounds for much much larger and extremely sinister events to come into reality.


Let’s delve into the world around us and the situations we find ourselves facing but always keeping in mind that a form of theft is taking place. Whether it’s the Bundy Ranch and the kidnapping and murder that followed, or dogs being sicked on the Standing Rock Native Americans for protecting their land from oil barrons and everything inbetween, these evils grew because they had nourishment to grow, nourishment from parasitical deception. There was a huge deception that took place in the Gulf of Tonkin which led to the Vietnam war which killed 1,353,000 people.


Deception kills people because it is not of the heart and the heart is of Life so in a nutshell…it is our mortal enemy. We can route out and starve this mortal enemy with good old fashioned out in the open Truth that destroys the toxic sludge deceitful environment that parasites and the parasitical can thrive in. It might be hard for a person to accept that their seemingly minor deceptions are creating environments for much larger worse things to come about but it is the truth. We are every passing day through our actions and our energies spent, molding the day and the future…maybe it would be wise to abandon everything other than Truth and see what kind of breeding grounds for outcomes can come from it.


If you are a pathological liar STOP IT! If you said the food tasted good TELL THEM IT MADE YOU SICK! If you think he or she really isn’t at the store or working overtime CALL THE STORE OR THE BOSS! If your Lover wants to look like what would be unattractive to you, SPEAK OR FOREVER BE TURNED OFF! If the homeless person asks for money say: It’s my last little bit of money that I need for gas or food or whatever you need. Deception WILL creep in we are flawed mortals, it is our responsibility to see it growing stronger and put it down with Truth when it does. Every single attempt to put down and exterminate the growing toxic sludge environment of deception matters. It could save your marriage, your Life, the Lives of others….it could possibly save the planet.

Written by Dustin Bond