Upon being destroyed, our response is key.

We are dying, our encampments encircled…hardhitters required!

On Mission Earth “NOT AN ILLUSION” participation of the level of FANTASTIC is summoned.

Our shared fate is in YOUR hands and this is the SOS call. If you are reading these words it’s because you have been holding back and it is time to stop doing so. Stop trying to be normal, abandon hopes of heroes to appear. Gather your gut, ball your fists grit your teeth and KILL THE PARASITES before they kill too many of us to continue to resist. We can NOT DIE, if we choose to NOT DIE.

The power does come, and we are warred upon….It is very unfortunate that it’s likely many of you will respond with passivity as is to be expected but….. Life is asking you to act out, to unleash. Gaia Earth Is screaming in pain and being murdered in agony….Unleash or forever maintain permanent silence………….