The new world order is dying, bottomless pit level insanity is exiting the realm of the possible and so will be surfacing and be far more noticeable that it has existed, despite the attempts to hide the fact that it has existed. So when you see events, scenarios the state of the world etc. getting “over the top”, this is the required surfacing of the unknown to known to then transition to no longer being the scenario and this can be the same as “or likely is” the higher energies that many speak about coming to our planet/realm. Expecting the absolute bizarre can for all intents and purposes be treated as the normal right now as the secured timelines converge and transition into being the only possible outcomes. Everything that has worked against the now coming and unfolding positive timelines is going to absolutely LOSE IT and in possibly unimaginable ways perhaps never before seen or experienced, as what worked against these timelines had and has no ability to fathom or perceive any scenario of anything other than victory over Life in general.

Being strongly connected to the Love in our hearts is the greatest shield and weapon all beings can wield in the coming weirdness. Now that bit of info should be a given, but it’s probably more important than ever to be constantly reminded of how powerful we are in that state of mind and heart. This all could just play out to be a somewhat long and grueling process as the “darkness” will go kicking, screaming and clawing out of existence making every attempt possible to avoid that. But the Truth is that high noon came, it melted dracula, and the dying parasitical on all levels are dissolving “albeit slowly” right in front of the world.


We cannot let ourselves think however that all the work is done or that it isn’t important to continue resisting and demolishing the control systems still in place and in effect. Hard work is still ahead and there’s no getting around that, so our vigilance, participation and contributions that will lead us to the future we want are still very much required. Every attempt matters, every person IS the difference, and taking to the field engaging the parasitical in whatever way or ways you can is the molding of the future we will get.

Written by Dustin Bond