Mission Earth continues onward


The scars do not lie, the happiness echoes and the halls of time are only ever forged. Journeys of all sorts, concerning ourselves, concerning the many, small circles of our loved and dear ones, our friends, larger circles that encompass the nearly impossible to fathom. On the stage and alive now do we all find ourselves and what we can contribute, MOST important. May we dance our best dance in possibly the last opportunities of our mortality to make the best influences. Think simple now, because it is enough that it will be complicated henceforth so simplicity must be embraced. So let us near complete to the best of our ability the understanding and appreciation of Love, appreciating being, respect and honor, let that be the foot we step into the endeavors with.

ComfortAngel We  are equipped in what we need know next and NOW, equipped for a great deal many things. Our very existence enforced by mighty forces for the Mission Earth ordeal. Let us get to the point now. It isn’t fun being strategically destroyed, it is disheartening as if all forces of good will not come to our aid or of the like. Good did come to our aide make no mistake, some payed the ultimate price and cannot teach us their secrets for it. They placed themselves in deletions way because they believed in us. They obviously thought we could do it. Let us NOW do it! hand_hand_by_privateempire-d4b1w6j Response time….how will we respond to the extermination and destruction tactics?  We understand that the extermination tactics are slow so that we will be more weakened to weaken them back and so our traverse of the scenario must also be carefully thought out and deployed in relation that can be as equally effective…and more effective!  We have to strive hard to become more than what we think we are and appear to be. The Goal starting foot can be empowered by: Angel Dangerous!


And from there, grow and do not stop or slow down growth as we are ever battled upon, YOU….the front line resistance…Slay before slayed with these miscreant parasites is the advice. How can such words be justified? I’ve personally received images of beings now gone in fights like these and I’ve no more to say about that. Kick our captors asses, and do not stop infuriating them with the ways in which you will discover to defeat them. We need your creativity something fierce! It’s possible and likely that without your creativity…… the cause could be lost. We believe in YOU…. Angels Dangerous! We all believe in you and always will!

Dustin Bond – Earth Life Liberation Outlet