You are dying because you are being killed, the family you have if you have one is being destroyed. If you are trying for a family you are warred upon to not succeed.; This is a call to not be destroyed, this is a message to fight the construct manipulators. These parasites are defining how Man will be destroyed, displaying constant paths to our destruction. The message is to be docile while dying…. I’m calling YOU the mammals to not go quietly into the night. The satanic influenced strive to destroy any idea or hope of the family… do not lose this fight! Be it male or female sluts that thrive on orgasms only that don’t want relationships to paid employees of the satanic that thrive from the destruction of humanity. Survive the assault against us! For existing families strive as hard as you can for Love, to those striving for a Loving family… give up not! Try… try again…try and try and try and do not stop trying. Do not let humanity die because of lack of care. Care Damnit! Care because so many do not want you to care.

The future belongs to those who care be it dark care of destruction, or Loving care for growth, development and expansion. Fight hard, destroy yourselves even achieving mortal human mammal scenarios that involve Love and humanity. You are being asked to not die while being exterminated, and it isn’t even me asking you to not die, I am channeling the beings that are to come and this is their plea….do not let us be destroyed…. we want to be! You do not have the right to keep us from existing, stop keeping us from existing or else!  YOU cannot handle how we will fight to exist! This message was from the threatened other side, fighting for their lives.