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By Dustin Bond

Want to feel safe and comfortable, constantly in a state of happiness and achieve nothing of substantial and/or lasting importance? Tired of the pesky and uncomfortable hard to deal with realities of the different situations in favor of ignoring them altogether because that’s easier to do? Would you like to perch halfway up the proverbial mountain of enlightenment, knowledge understanding and all of the good feelings that come with it because going further up involves something other than perfectly enjoyable comfortability? Then label the hard work of beings that embark upon challenging subjects and objectives as “negative” and dismiss them altogether. Because of the social engineering, chemical and various other forms of dumbing down and all around apathetic complacency that is promoted as acceptable and normal, it’s easier now than ever before to lead the masses by their nose hairs to ignorant ends. So getting people to be afraid of the “negative” is easy as pie and profitable as gold, if you’re willing to sabotage the development of the species that is…

Those that can be so easily lead should be easily lead right? And  why not take advantage of the little bit that you’ve learned as opposed to expanding your awareness and understanding? That heavy crap takes time, effort patience and other qualities you haven’t developed, don’t understand and don’t want to spend the energy required to understand.  Whose got the time to challenge accepted “imposed upon” spirituality when you can only focus on the positive and amass large groups of the easily influenced instead? If this looks like satire you would be half correct, it is satire on my part but is reality for many many others and I’m sure even these words would likely be called negative by the individuals Mark Passio refers to as “tent pitchers”. In just one example of the flawed statement “what you resist persists” being absolutely obliterated in application would be the Food Babe getting Subway to take the yoga mat rubber out of their bread. I’m pretty sure it was the ACTION of resisting that got that hard work done, not ignoring the problem or “wound” if you will, in a sea of wounds afflicting our mortal experience on this spiritual and material realm.


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So we see an example of the act of “resistance causing the problem” or in this particular case a wrong, not quite correct, in fact the opposite occurred and a wrong was made right. How many other fronts can be taken on by resisting wrongs and setting them right, and how can this be done spiritually as well? Spiritually speaking, not by sitting on our metaphysical asses, ignoring the negative and not giving a shit about this so called “illusion” we are experiencing. This is not to dismiss that we pretty much understand that we live in a 3d state of existence that can be likened to a video game or a holograghic reality, but how and why should that mean that we dismiss and/or tolerate what we know in our hearts through Love what is right and what is wrong, and in the cases of them being wrong, doing nothing under the excuse that none of this is “real” ? It is theft at it’s core, should be diagnosed as apathy and labelled on the face of it as laziness. Love is in our hearts and that is where we should start when asking ourselves what we can do on all manner of levels including spiritually and see where our gut feelings, brainstorming and ultimately courses of action take us.


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If you feel a strong spiritual pulling to animals ask yourself if you’ve made attempts to stand up against animal cruelty or do you find yourself on the side of: That’s just negative and I’d rather just celebrate the animals that aren’t being mistreated etc. An affinity towards nature in general? Then ask yourself what are your contributions against those that rape and destroy nature or are you on the side of: That’s all just negative and I choose to celebrate the nature that I think isn’t being raped and destroyed “even though all of it currently is being raped and destroyed” It’s my personal opinion that if you find yourself on the apathetic side of “ignoring the negative” than you should take up littering as often as you can, wound or kill every plant and animal in nature every chance you get, and ignore your actions because…..none of this is real right? Afterall why should it matter how you do or don’t behave and respond if it’s just an illusion?