Written by Dustin BondEarth Life Liberation Outlet


The social engineers have done absolutely everything in their power to undermine and disempower  “roles” in almost if not all  ways that roles have been played and understood. At the core of what parasites feed on we find theft of the natural and when surfaced this cannot be as easily noticed because it’s usually under the guise of a social justice warrior related uprising or of the sort. Fabrications of the easily confused, the easily manipulated, and on the surface while trying hard to masquerade as anything other than the theft of the natural. A couple of examples would be the theft of the role of the male to financially bring home enough bread, and the theft of the females role to properly raise her youth with values by seeking employment to cover the cost of the bread. We see in our days more and more both being taxed and that stolen currency fuels furthered deteriorating circumstances that incessantly damage and hinder many more roles than just that of males and females.

Understanding that theft of the natural has and is occurring is key as not recognizing that this is almost always the scenario allows face value perception instead of core understandings. A good example is as follows: When a draft for males to join armed forces by use of law which will resort to force is theft of the natural, a formal engagement of Life, the family and in particular men, because “on the face of it” males fight, theft became acceptable. Now with legislation speaking of enforcing the same draft on females there is the feeling of “this is wrong” and it is because the theft of the natural can more readily surface because it is another eventual checkmate move “theft” that strikes the senses and as unnatural. Many other examples could have been used and would work just as well as theft takes many forms, but in the interest of time for you the reader you should I hope gather the concept.



The goal is to steal the natural, we’ve established this, we know it takes many forms and when surfaced can be perceived as anything other than what it is for societal conformity and eventual acceptance as we obviously don’t see many “true patriots” calling our current draft system for males theft, let alone high treason. Functioning and healthy roles have the time, effort and capability of an understanding, respected and accepted mutual advantage in union and participation for ongoing existence and advancement with no theft at play, but something that we call Love. Love is the organic opposite of theft, not to be confused with lust which is not Love, and when applied regularly is the solution.



Love is in fact so anti theft that Love can be more violent than theft when threatened as it has that capacity that theft so wrongly think’s it is the best at. Love reinvents violence everytime theft has tried to make a big and game changing decision on this planet. Everytime theft surfaces as whatever it surfaces as, Love is there to greet it with a grin bearing sharper teeth. So when you are passionate about something or when you will be passionate about something, has theft gained a footing and influenced you negatively? Or has theft gained a footing and your Love allows you to be pissed off about it? Because it is only one or the other as we know we are ever actively engaged by theft.

To assist in the understanding of theft, the following video is of great use and value.