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Nerve or just new age, what defines you? learned studied and qualified do many find themselves. Outside of the accepted confines of accepted realities on fringe as well do we find our differences combined in unity however wanted or unwanted they present themselves to be. On a swords edge against the odds quite often what with our differences effectively at play and in critical decisions for most important outcomes . Gather, all of the above, and hear the ramblings of one just like yourself and those round you. Now the things we face here on Mission Earth are many and I’ll blanket statement not a one of them, but in recognition that critical decisions must be made, than critical understanding is due implied. We are the enemies of killers for our advantages whatever they may be in however we excel… but the enemies of killers all the same. Smile! You’re on candid ALLNESS, and all is being observed in this adventure into the mortality you the reader is experiencing.

I’m so sick and tired of the gurus and their know it all fucken attitudes that put down the developing individual….I am a developing individual…. and if I or you claim we are not such than hang development in your sense of it for such a bastard representation hasn’t the lungs to breathe, the legs to walk or the brain to comprehend let alone the gut to know what to do next. I want to pick a fight, I am choosing this fight, it shall be a good one, it is with those that bash ego and point out the negativity it can bring instead of honoring the benevolent tendencies and attributes that are for all to learn, understand and grow with. You people make me sick and I have a very large amount of disdain for you in these misguided blind actions….not  smart moves at all. It is my own personal dishonor to look, sense and see those around me who are strong, and to see how they are not strong. Because I…just one single individual can be  so real that one of the best understanding persons of life would abandon me and those like me gives me sign of betrayal in the form I was entirely expecting but all the same displeased with.

The crows we all know as political correct or “pc” police “infants” with safe spaces to avoid reality nobodies set forth to make……… difference……..and fade away forgotten as a regular wave going with the flow does. insulting them is as easy as existing but the truer spiritual beings don’t even mention them to put them down for their lowliness….enough demons and of the demonic fills our calendar and list of things to do and not do. A grand mystic I know presented me and others with something I have not been able to solve….a true quest for the dedicated molded by dedication and it was this in a nutshell: Evolve,adapt and overcome being data mined by our parasites that are plaguing us.


Now I have started, I have begun make no mistake……But I am for the most part blind at the moment despite some of my best abilities and the quest is meant to be sent to you the reader and viewer. That you might explore and discover what I so far have not. That the quest remain….and to be solved. Should you accept the mission Godspeed to you Godspark…..and don’t for any fraction of any amount of time think that you traverse alone….For YOU are mighty indeed. And truth be told….we’re kinda counting on ya : )


Editor/Writer Dustin Bond