It’s happening! Cue the Ron Paul gif and mark your calendars. We finally have something to tell our friends and family to watch. There will actually be a nationally televised Libertarian Party debate and we now have all the details. John Stossel has agreed to host the Libertarian Party debate during his weekly show on FOX Business.

As of now, the three Libertarian Party presidential candidates that have been invited to the debate are Austin Petersen, Gary Johnson, and John McAfee. John Stossel and FOX Business based this inclusion on an online poll conducted by the Libertarian Party. Their poll was conducted very much the same way that our polls are.

Our first poll had similar results as well but actually found that Gary Johnson, Austin Petersen, and Steve Kerbel were in the top three. It was very close though. John McAfee trailed Kerbel by only about 60 votes in that poll. Our second poll has McAfee firmly in third place too. What’s more interesting about that poll is that Darryl Perry is now leading Kerbel and closing in on McAfee for third place. Neither Perry nor Kerbel were invited to the first nationally televised Libertarian Party debate on Stossel.

Besides the reduced number of candidates there will be some other differences from the two parties’ debate style. For one, they’re calling it a Libertarian Party presidential candidates forum instead of a debate. This is because it won’t be focused on the unnecessary drama that modern debates have come to center on. Instead, it will be an informative session where each candidate is asked the same question and has time to respond in full. They won’t be pitting the candidates against each other to create nasty sound bites.

The Libertarian Party debate on Stossel will be filmed on March 29th and will air on April 1st. Tickets are still available if you would like to attend the taping. While that air date is unfortunate it will at least be easy to remember.

Libertarians everywhere will be looking forward to the first Libertarian Party debate. Nationally televised events and media coverage like this is just what we need to earn our way into the big leagues. Many thanks to the Johnson, Petersen, and McAfee campaigns for making this debate possible.

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