Dane Wigington

The radar loop film footage in the 6 minute video below is an exceptional documentation of the total climate control that is being inflicted on our once thriving planet. The ongoing global geoengineering assault is becoming unimaginably blatant and extreme. The greater the damage to the climate system becomes, the more the climate engineers ramp up their atmospheric programs of drought, deluge, devastation, and destruction. From ozone layer depletion to mass methane releases in the Arctic (and elsewhere), to complete contamination of the biosphere, the weather-makers are wreaking havoc on planet Earth. My most sincere gratitude to “1Pacific Redwood”, the producer of this very revealing 6 minute presentation.


Of all the anthropogenic forms of damage to the atmosphere and environment, global geoengineering programs are mathematically the most decimating. What we collectively face is nothing short of a fight for survival. Make your voice heard in this critical battle while you can.


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